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Sopa de mariscos

It is a very popular soup on the coast of Peru based on fish and seafood , which makes it an excellent tonic , it is also known as " dead lifts ." It is preferably made ​​with grouper , machete, or cojinova corvina , which when mixed with seafood produce one of the most delicious soups and strong Peruvian cuisine

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Peruvian cuisine is among the most varied and best in the world. It's a reflection of its three main geographical zones, the coast, the Andean highlands, and an incorporation of influences from different times and immigrant cultures. Food and its preparation is one important part of the Peruvian culture and a very personal Peruvian identity.

Arroz con mariscos

Rice with seafood is a popular dish in Peruvian seafood. Along with jelly , litter and ceviche , she is always on the menu of all ceviche ( seafood restaurants ) .
One of the ingredients in this dish, Rice, arrived in Peru with the Spanish, along with many of their meals ,

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