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Welcome to Peru’s Taste  Peruvian Restaurant your one stop destination for quality Peruvian food. We are located in the heart of the Northridge CA.. We are the leading authentic Peruvian restaurant in Northridge CA and pride ourselves only in satisfying our valued customers. Our food is cooked fresh to order with fresh herbs and spices. Our customers are able to taste the quality of our ingredients and request for the personal preferences in the preparation of their dishes. We offer a variety food for our customers and our chefs are highly qualified.

As the proud owner and founder of Peru’s Tastes Peruvian Restaurant since 2008, I welcome you to come and visit our restaurant. We really don’t look at them as restaurants but as extensions of our home to you. So sit back, relax and enjoy your meal in our house the Peruvian way.

The Peruvian Food preparation art has a history of several centuries. It is the mixture of food preparation methods of original inhabitants and Spanish settlers, which is influenced by the eating habits of many countries in Asia, Africa and Europe. Therefore, the current foods in Peru are delightful in flavor and rich in variety.

It can be said that food in Peru blends different cooking techniques from around the world, but it highlights the local traditional characteristics at the same time. Typical Peruvian Food is like the local culture, and these mix and match are like original inhabitants meeting immigrants from all over the world. The common influence and communication of different cooking art finally led to the integrated cooking art, which is unique by itself.

That is why at Peru’s Taste, we use first-rate quality ingredients to deliver fresh and high quality cuisine, while staying authentic to our roots. We specialize in cuisines often found in the northern part of Peru, mostly seafood which is a staple of the northern coast.

We offer mouthwatering and exquisite dishes every time you walk through our doors. We open three hours earlier to accommodate breakfast hours for customers. Our varieties of breakfast dishes are seldom-found elsewhere.

In addition to our breakfast and offer, we also take great pride in our authentic beverages, deserts, and of course — more than homely attendance to you — our future customer.